We are East Africa’s 1st Craft Small Batch Distillery. We are nestled on one of the 1000 Hills in Rwanda with a beautiful view. And we are happy to show you how we create our products!

Our tours

We offer two different tours:

Distillery Tour with Tacos & Cocktail

Distillery Tour with explanation of the processes and a Tasting of our Whisky, Gin, Rum, Vodka & Coffee Liqueur. Then you will be offered a cocktail or mixed drink served with Tacos, Salad & French Fries. Book here

Tour & Tastings

Distillery Tour with explanation of the processes and a Tasting of our Whisky, Gin, Rum, Vodka & Coffee Liqueur. Book here

We also have a restaurant in the distillery which offers you fantastic views on the hills of Rwanda. Find more information here: The Distillery

Our Story

This country has endured pain that hopefully you will never have to bare witness to, but this has only made the country that much stronger. While you may not know this, Rwanda is the Phoenix that has risen from the ashes to become the Rising Star of Africa.

And for this very reason, we decided to set up our Craft Small Batch Distillery here in Rwanda.

We take great care in producing our range of Tripled Distilled Hand Crafted Spirits.

​Our first distillation takes place in the largest of the distillers, into which the wash is added and then indirect heat is applied. As alcohol boils at 78.1 C, the alcohol vapors are the first to rise from the wash and depart upwards through column of the still. Piping leads from the neck of the still to a horizontal and then vertical condenser where the vapors are converted back into a liquid spirit. The alcohol volume achieved here is a closely guarded secret.

​The spirit captured from the first still, known as low wines, is now fed into the second still which is known as the feints still. Here the distillation process takes place for the second time and the spirit captured following this distillation is known as feints.

​The final distillation is the process that sets us apart for each of the craft products we produce the feints are fed into the third still, known as the spirit still, and distillation takes place for the third and final time.

The spirit captured at the end of this distillation is what will be matured and now has an alcohol strength of +85% vol.

​The real beauty of our triple distillation process is that we carefully control every step of the process, which allows us the opportunities to cut and redirect the spirit as profiles change between the wash, feints and spirit stills.

Now enough about the process, it is time to enjoy the journey to the land of a 1000 Hills and we hope you will agree that our efforts have produced a truly smooth drinking pleasure.

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      Yes, please do that. You can either book online here: https://www.1000hills.com/distillery-tour or call us: +250 788316723

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